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  • P0E thumb Midnight Bargain
    Midnight Bargain
    Engraved Wand
    Physical Damage: 21-38
    Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
    Attacks per Second: 1.50
    Weapon Range: 120
    Requires Level 40, 131 Int(22-26)% increased Spell Damage+(10-20) to Intelligence
    Minions have (20-30)% increased Movement Speed
    Minions deal (50-70)% increased Damage
    +1 to maximum number of Raised Zombies
    +1 to maximum number of Skeletons
    +1 to maximum number of Spectres
    Reserves 30% of Life
    Cannot be used with Chaos Inoculation
    A chilling hush, a scraping sound
    Of things no more entombed in ground.
    A shambling horde is on its way
    To crush the very light of day.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Eclipse Solaris
    Eclipse Solaris
    Crystal Wand
    Physical Damage: 28-52
    Elemental Damage: (30-45) to (60-80)
    Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
    Attacks per Second: (1.38-1.43)
    Weapon Range: 120
    Requires Level 45, 146 Int(29-33)% increased Spell DamageAdds (30-45) to (60-80) Fire Damage
    (6-10)% increased Attack Speed
    +(27-33)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
    20% increased Light Radius
    Nearby Enemies are Blinded
    (120-140)% increased Critical Strike Chance against Blinded Enemies
    Every decade, Lunaris devours Solaris
    Each time, Solaris emerges from Lunaris, born anew.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Lifesprig
    Driftwood Wand
    Physical Damage: 5-9
    Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
    Attacks per Second: 1.40
    Weapon Range: 120
    (8-12)% increased Spell Damage+1 to Level of Socketed Spell Gems
    (20-28)% increased Spell Damage
    (5-8)% increased Cast Speed
    +(15-20) to maximum Life
    +(15-20) to maximum Mana
    Regenerate (6-8) Life over 1 second when you Cast a Spell
    From the smallest seeds
    To the tallest redwoods,
    Life endures in Wraeclast.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Ashcaller
    Quartz Wand
    Physical Damage: 14-27
    Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
    Attacks per Second: 1.30
    Weapon Range: 120
    Requires Level 18, 65 Int(18-22)% increased Spell Damage25% chance to Trigger Level 10 Summon Raging Spirit on Kill
    Adds (20-24) to (38-46) to Fire Damage
    Adds (20-24) to (36-46) Fire Damage to Spells
    10% chance to Cover Enemies in Ash on Hit
    "We do not command fire.
    Ngamahu lends it, and Hinekora returns it."
    - Lavianga, advisor to Kaom
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Abberath's Horn
    Abberath's Horn
    Goat's Horn
    Physical Damage: 9-16
    Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
    Attacks per Second: 1.20
    Weapon Range: 120
    Requires Level 6, 29 Int(10-14)% increased Spell Damage(20-30)% increased Fire Damage
    Adds (4-6) to (8-12) Fire Damage to Spells
    (40-60)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
    +10 Life gained on Killing Ignited Enemies
    25% reduced Ignite Duration on Enemies
    The Goat King drank the smoke and ate the flames
    as his ruin spread across the land.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Apep's Rage
    Apep's Rage
    Opal Wand
    Physical Damage: 35-65
    Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
    Attacks per Second: 1.30
    Weapon Range: 120
    Requires Level 62, 212 Int(38-42)% increased Spell DamageAdds (90-130) to (140-190) Chaos Damage to Spells
    (25-30)% increased Cast Speed
    +(5-10)% to Chaos Resistance
    Lose 40 Mana when you use a Skill
    Poisons you inflict deal Damage (30-50)% faster
    Apep's poison entraps, encircles,
    and engulfs the leaking mind of Man.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18

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