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  • P0E thumb Exalted Orb
    - +
    USD $ 4.77
  • P0E thumb Chaos Orb
    - +
    USD $ 3.15
  • P0E thumb Orb of Fusing
    - +
    USD $ 3.87
  • P0E thumb Blessed Orb
    - +
    USD $ 3.72
  • P0E thumb Chromatic Orb
    - +
    USD $ 3.25
  • P0E thumb Gemcutter's Prism
    - +
    USD $ 3.36
  • P0E thumb Jeweller's Orb
    - +
    USD $ 3.30
  • P0E thumb Orb of Regret
    - +
    USD $ 3.51
  • P0E thumb Orb of Scouring
    - +
    USD $ 3.38
  • P0E thumb Divine Orb
    - +
    USD $ 4.50

POE currency iconPOE currency trade for XBOX

Face to face is the best option to get a quick delivery of POE currency orders for XBOX, we will coordinate a time and location in-game to meet your character to complete the delivery.

POE currency iconIs buying POE currency safe on p0e?

Safety always comes to first when trading POE XBOX orbs, and there is nothing wrong with being cautious about scammers when it comes to how to trade POE currency, an unreliable seller might get your account banned. P0e.com is a trustworthy online store for legit and cheap POE currency trade, you can get more Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs with lower price we offer. We promise all of items are farmed by real players, you can also enjoy quick delivery and 24 hours online service to help with your POE XBOX currency trade.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account