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  • P0E thumb Sidhebreath
    Paua Amulet
    (20-30)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate+25% to Cold Resistance
    Minions have (10-15)% increased maximum Life
    Minions convert 50% of Physical Damage to Cold Damage
    Minions deal (25-35) to (60-65) additional Cold Damage
    Minions deal no Non-Cold Damage
    The breath of life is yours to give.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Star of Wraeclast
    Star of Wraeclast
    Ruby Amulet
    Requires Level 28+(20-30)% to Fire ResistanceGrants Level 10 Frostblink Skill
    (30-50)% increased Cold Damage
    +(10-15)% to all Elemental Resistances
    60% increased Area of Effect of Hex Skills
    You cannot be Cursed with Silence
    Frostblink has 50% increased Duration
    Corrupted"I offer to you an eternal oath
    that binds your heart to mine;
    a bond that not even death will break.
    Will you accept?"
    - Daresso, to his beloved
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Marylene's Fallacy
    Marylene's Fallacy
    Lapis Amulet
    Requires Level 40+(20-30) to Intelligence+(80-120) to Accuracy Rating
    +(210-240)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
    +(80-100) to Evasion Rating
    (10-15)% increased Light Radius
    40% less Critical Strike Chance
    Critical Strikes have Culling Strike
    "Marylene stroked the medallion at her breast before every duel and every cast of the die."
    - Victario, the People's Poet
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Rashkaldor's Patience
    Rashkaldor's Patience
    Jade Amulet
    Requires Level 61+(20-30) to Dexterity+(40-80) to maximum Life
    +(20-40) to maximum Mana
    20% reduced Duration of Elemental Ailments on Enemies
    Items and Gems have 10% increased Attribute Requirements
    Always Freeze, Shock and Ignite
    Fate's smile, man's ruin.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Rigwald's Curse
    Rigwald's Curse
    Wereclaw Talisman
    Talisman Tier: 2Requires Level 28+(24-36)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier+7% to Unarmed Melee Attack Critical Strike Chance
    Modifiers to Claw Damage also apply to Unarmed Attack Damage with Melee Skills
    Modifiers to Claw Attack Speed also apply to Unarmed Attack Speed with Melee Skills
    Modifiers to Claw Critical Strike Chance also apply to Unarmed Critical Strike Chance with Melee Skills
    CorruptedI once thought the First Ones were just
    stories made to scare children.
    But I've seen what they can do. I've felt it.
    And now I must live with that terrible knowledge.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Maligaro's Cruelty
    Maligaro's Cruelty
    Turquoise Amulet
    Requires Level 20+(16-24) to Dexterity and Intelligence(4-8)% increased maximum Life
    (25-30)% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Killing an Enemy affected by at least 5 Poisons
    (12-15)% chance to gain a Power Charge on Killing an Enemy affected by fewer than 5 Poisons
    10% increased Damage with Poison per Frenzy Charge
    3% increased Poison Duration per Power Charge
    "He does not love. He does not feel regret or remorse.
    He does not think about consequences, only possibilities.
    If that does not describe a monster, tell me: what does?"
    - Archbishop Geofri
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Carnage Heart
    Carnage Heart
    Onyx Amulet
    Requires Level 20+(10-16) to all Attributes+(20-40) to all Attributes
    +(10-20)% to all Elemental Resistances
    (1.2-2)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
    50% increased total Recovery per second from Life Leech
    (30-40)% increased Damage while Leeching
    Extra gore
    Forged from the blood of countless wars,
    its thirst has only begun.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Choir of the Storm
    Choir of the Storm
    Lapis Amulet
    Requires Level 69+(20-30) to IntelligenceTrigger Level 20 Lightning Bolt when you deal a Critical Strike
    50% increased Lightning Damage
    (10-20)% increased maximum Mana
    -30% to Lightning Resistance
    Critical Strike Chance is increased by Overcapped Lightning Resistance
    But the fool did not bow.
    The fool stood and questioned.
    And the fool was unwritten.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Daresso's Salute
    Daresso's Salute
    Citrine Amulet
    Requires Level 16+(16-24) to Strength and Dexterity50% reduced maximum Energy Shield
    +(30-40)% to Fire Resistance
    +(30-40)% to Cold Resistance
    10% increased Movement Speed when on Full Life
    +2 to Melee Strike Range
    60% increased Melee Damage when on Full Life
    "A bit short in the arm, are you?
    Then you'll be short of a head soon enough."
    - Daresso the Daring
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Extractor Mentis
    Extractor Mentis
    Agate Amulet
    Requires Level 16+(16-24) to Strength and Intelligence+(30-50) to Strength
    Recover 1% of Life on Kill
    5% chance to grant Onslaught to nearby Enemies on Kill
    5% chance to grant Unholy Might to nearby Enemies on Kill
    10% chance to gain Onslaught for 10 seconds on Kill
    10% chance to gain Unholy Might for 10 seconds on Kill
    When slaughtered flesh falls silent,
    the soul may yet scream on.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18

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