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  • P0E thumb Voidbringer
    Conjurer Gloves
    Energy Shield: (103-154)Requires Level 55, 79 Int+1 to Level of Socketed Elemental Gems
    (125-150)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
    (180-250)% increased Energy Shield
    Lose (40-80) Mana when you use a Skill
    +(15-20) Energy Shield gained on Kill
    Absolute corruption empowers absolutely.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Winds of Change
    Winds of Change
    Ancient Gauntlets
    Armour: (154-173)Requires Level 47, 68 Str+(30-60) to maximum Life
    30% increased Projectile Speed
    (10-5)% reduced Movement Speed
    10% chance to Knock Enemies Back on hit
    (30-50)% increased Projectile Damage
    Izaro was slow to see the treachery growing in his own court
    and powerless to stop it once he had;
    a captain sailing his own ship into rocks.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Wyrmsign
    Wyrmscale Gauntlets
    Armour: (193-270)
    Evasion: (193-270)
    Requires Level 49, 38 Str, 38 DexSocketed Gems are Supported by Level 5 Concentrated Effect
    (120-160)% increased Armour and Evasion
    +(50-70) to maximum Life
    4% reduced Mana Cost per Endurance Charge
    Gain Rampage while at Maximum Endurance Charges
    Lose all Endurance Charges when Rampage ends
    Those who witness the shimmering scales of the wyrm
    know only fear for the rest of their lives.
    Fortunately, the rest of their lives
    can be measured in seconds.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Veruso's Battering Rams
    Veruso's Battering Rams
    Titan Gauntlets
    Armour: (532-778)Requires Level 69, 98 Str(8-13)% increased Attack Speed
    (120-180)% increased Armour
    (3-5)% increased Movement Speed
    50% increased Stun Duration on you
    4% increased Melee Damage per Endurance Charge
    You cannot be Shocked while at maximum Endurance Charges
    With unending determination and resolve he destroyed first the gates,
    then the constructs guarding the tomb on the other side.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Malachai's Mark
    Malachai's Mark
    Murder Mitts
    Evasion: (217-278)
    Energy Shield: (45-56)
    Requires Level 67, 51 Dex, 51 Int(80-100)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
    +(60-80) to maximum Life
    +(15-25) Life gained on Kill
    +(15-25) Energy Shield gained on Kill
    Grants Malachai's Endurance, Frenzy and Power for 6 seconds each, in sequence
    What man does not wish for immortality?
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Maligaro's Virtuosity
    Maligaro's Virtuosity
    Deerskin Gloves
    Evasion: (113-158)Requires Level 21, 33 Dex+(20-30) to Dexterity
    5% increased Attack Speed
    50% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
    (60-80)% increased Evasion Rating
    Your Critical Strike Multiplier is 300%
    Maligaro operated effortlessly,
    with great speed and terrible consequences.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Meginord's Vise
    Meginord's Vise
    Steel Gauntlets
    Armour: (162-203)Requires Level 35, 52 Str+50 to Strength
    (40-60)% increased Armour
    100% increased Knockback Distance
    Melee Hits with Strike Skills Always Knockback
    Melee Strike Skills deal Splash Damage to surrounding targets
    Ride with pride,
    strike with vengeance,
    live with honour.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Repentance
    Crusader Gloves
    Armour: (121-139)
    Energy Shield: (25-28)
    Requires Level 66, 306 Str, 306 Int400-500% increased Armour and Energy Shield
    500% increased Attribute Requirements
    (6-12)% increased Strength
    Iron Will
    "I ask not for understanding,
    only for forgiveness
    for what I am about to do.
    There will be blood on these shackles yet."
    - Anonymous carving, Axiom Prison.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Sadima's Touch
    Sadima's Touch
    Wool Gloves
    Energy Shield: (23-25)Requires Level 11Adds 4 to 8 Fire Damage to Attacks
    Adds 1 to 13 Lightning Damage to Attacks
    +18 to maximum Energy Shield
    (5-10)% increased Quantity of Items found
    Wealth unspent is wealth wasted.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18
  • P0E thumb Shackles of the Wretched
    Shackles of the Wretched
    Chain Gloves
    Armour: (14-20)
    Energy Shield: (4-6)
    Requires Level 7Hexes applied by Socketed Curse Skills are Reflected back to you
    (40-60)% increased Stun and Block Recovery
    You cannot be Chilled for 3 seconds after being Chilled
    You cannot be Frozen for 3 seconds after being Frozen
    You cannot be Ignited for 3 seconds after being Ignited
    You cannot be Shocked for 3 seconds after being Shocked
    You grant (4-6) Frenzy Charges to allies on Death
    Captivity breeds creativity.
    - +
    USD $ 7.18

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