p0e Improvements to Scourge Released

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With the Scourge League just recently added into p0e, a new patch – Patch 3.16.0b – had also accompanied its release to provide tweaks and fixes according to players‘ overall in-game experiences.




p0e has been a long-running ARPG competitor to other popular games of the genre, especially for the Diablo franchise.


Still, one of its strongest aspects which continues the longevity of the game is its League updates (akin to Seasons in every other games), with the current one being Scourge.


Scourge introduced new game mechanics which allow you to travel into a parallel dimension of Wraeclast by using the accursed Blood Crucible that absorbs the blood of your enemies when you slay them.


With plenty of p0e’s game systems shaken up and restructured to accommodate the new League, there were obviously going to be major balance issues or bugs to fix, which is why the latest update – Patch 3.16.0b – has been released just recently.


Here’s a brief look at Patch 3.16.0b’s latest in-game changes:


Scourge League


· When encountering a Boss in Nightmare, the Blood Crucible will stop working for 5 seconds

· The Tainted Mythic Orb will now upgrade Corrupted items into Unique items as intended

· Ravenous Bloodshaper’s Blood Orb and Spike Barrage skill damages have been decreased

· Demon Herder’s Vomit and Beam skill damages have been decreased

· Baranite Thaumaturge’s ground explosion damages have been decreased

· The number of monsters which spawn with Proximity Shield has now been reduced for some Scourge instances

· The Corruption Absorbed bar will now always show the items stored in the Blood Crucible


Bug Fixes


· Removed a bug where Socket colours of the Loyal Unique could be altered

· Zana’s Fortune Favours the Brave map option will now work properly

· Watchstones will now drop from a Conqueror’s Citadel as intended

· Portals will now work again when transporting you from the Guild Hideout to Betrayal Safehouse or Temple of Atzoatl

· “20% Chance to Avoid being Stunned” now works properly to grant Stun Avoidance

· Many others!


Every League expansion will surely come with its own make-over of the game, so this is hardly surprising for long-standing fans of p0e when Scourge was first announced a few months ago.


If you’re looking to read the complete patch notes for the latest update, you can definitely do so by visiting the official forums here.


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