p0e Exclusive Events for December

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2021 is quickly coming to an end, and what better way to close a year of extraordinary challenges and content by introducing six (6) special events back-to-back within the final month of December itself!




As 2021 marches on towards its final stretches before welcoming the coming of the New Year, p0e is also prepping itself for a new era of content and changes that are sure to come in 2022.


With that said, the developers are hoping to end the current year by making a significant statement throughout the whole month of December – by introducing six (6) exclusive time-limited events back-to-back!


In December, you will be able to enjoy plenty of different game modes which offer extraordinary in-game rewards and distinct experiences which might just make the whole year’s struggles worth it at the end of the day.


Here are the special events that will be coming throughout this month:




· Endless Delve (10 Days)


o 3rd December – 13th December

o You find yourself in the Mine Encampment of the Azurite Mine and are forbidden to leave.

o Although your only option is to Delve deeper into the foreboding darkness, you start off with some Scrolls of Wisdom and powerful items and gear as compensation.

o Lily Roth will be there to offer you trading services and the like.


· Zizaran’s Gauntlet (10 Days)


o 10th December – 20th December

o Join famous streamer, Zizaran as he welcomes you to his own Class Gauntlet which lets you compete against others by earning points through level ups, Boss kills and other activities respectively.

o Different in-game modifiers will be introduced while a few new modes will also be implemented.

o Exclusive in-game rewards and real-world prizes await winners at the end of the event!


· Endless Heist (10 Days)


o 17th December – 27th December

o You enter the Rogue Harbour and will not be allowed to leave afterwards.

o Contracts are now limitless as you continuously complete them with each scaling in difficulty after the previous one.

o Adiyah will be there to sell additional Contracts while Lily Roth will join again in order to provide other wares such as Skill Gems and the sorts.


· Atlas Invasion (10 Days)


o 24th December – 3rd January

o Similar to Invasion League, Atlas invasion introduces five (5) end-game Bosses on every map area this time around!

o Everything else is simply straightforward, so good hunting!


· Delirium Everywhere (10 Days)


o 31st December – 10th January

o Throughout the period, every map in the game will have a Delirium fog that randomly adjusts the Delirium modifier between 1% and 100%.

o Expect more enemies to spawn with significant buffs to their attacks as well.


· Royale (1 Day x3)


o 8th December – 9th December

o 22nd December – 23rd December

o 29th December – 30th December

o p0e’s equivalent of the Battle Royale mode, a new twist is added where Brutus – a unique, frightening Boss - will spawn in the centre of the Safe Zone for players to either kill it or bait it to attack others instead.


All these wonderful events are sure to light up p0e as much as possible before the New Year kicks in.


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