Zizaran Hosts Another POE Class Gauntlet – Are You Up To The Challenge?

created time2022-07-19 16:55:00

Visit P0E if you need POE currency PS4! POE players are getting ready for Zizaran's Class Gauntlet. This is a recurring event. Zizaran is a well-known PoE streamer. Together with his partners, he organizes a challenge once in a while. This Gauntlet is an event in which anyone can take part. The competitors level their class of choice and kill bosses to receive points. The event is a Solo Self Found Hardcore Sentinel league with added mods. Check out the POE currency prices from P0E and get ready for this event!


What You Need to Know About Zizaran's POE Class Gauntlet


The Gauntlet lasts for 10 days. It begins on July 15th. It will feature dynamic and HP mods to make the activities more challenging. Monsters in campaign act 1-5 will take 20% less damage and deal 20% more. In act 6-10, they deal 25% more damage and have 10% enhanced AOE. Uber bosses in areas level 85+ take 30% less damage, have 40% increased damage, and use two more projectiles. You can join the race by clicking the Join button that is found in the bottom right corner of the screen where you select the characters. During the event, participants receive points based on their character's level, killed bosses, and certain Maven's Invitations. It's important to join the POE Community Racing Discord channel because that's where you will submit the proof of your actions and receive points accordingly. Members of the community and event partners sponsor the prize pool. You can easily fund the prize pool through PayPal donations. The esports organization, Shopify Rebellion, will match donations up to $25,000. If you are a streamer, you can create a bounty using the money obtained from fundraising. Bounties are special prizes. They will go to the participants who complete certain goals during the event. Random draws are part of the prize system as well. Players that achieve certain levels with their characters will enter these draws. They have the chance to win physical and in-game items. The physical prizes include an Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti for level 90, two GrubHub cards worth $300 both for level 80, one Samsung 980 Evo Pro NVME SSD for level 70, one GMMK gaming keyboard for level 60, and five $20 Steam cards for level 50. The in-game prize items consist of various armor packs ( Winter Dragon, Necrolord, and more), cloaks, weapon effects, portal effects, and mystery boxes.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account