What You Need To Know About The New POE Sentinel Challenge League

created time2022-06-07 14:05:00

Buy POE currency from P0E and enjoy the new Sentinel expansion! POE Sentinel is the newest content update. The expansion brings a new challenge league with new features. Sentinel practically restarts the game. You don't lose your old characters and accomplishments. You can always play with your standard and hardcore characters. However, it's more fun to dive into new content and take on new challenges. If you need a nudge in this direction, P0E offers POE currency for sale to facilitate your start in the new league.

POE Sentinel Challenge League Features

The challenge league bears the name of its core feature, the Sentinels. These mythic creatures are found all over the world. Now they have awakened. You can take advantage of their power to acquire better rewards. The Sentinels make your enemies stronger than usual and you get better rewards when killing Sentinel-buffed mobs. We have three types of Sentinels. Stalkers buff monsters as you run into them. The Pandemonium kind empowers a large number of enemies at once. Apex gives rare and unique monsters a powerful boon. You can change how your Sentinels behave using the Sentinel controller. You can play around and experiment with different setups. Sentinels become inactive after a while. Out-of-order Sentinels can be fused together using a power core. This will create a new Sentinel that has the features of the parent Sentinels. It is also possible to have special powers. This assembly process is the only way to unlock certain Sentinel powers. The result of the combination process can be an extremely powerful and/or unique Sentinel. You can also combine items using this method. You will spend recombinators to use the Sentinel assembly method with items from the same class. This is one way to obtain some powerful equipment. The Sentinel league has standard, hardcore, and solo self-found variants. All three share common mechanics and items. Players can make private leagues with all three versions. Mods can be used in private leagues. The Sentinel league has 40 new challenges. It won't be easy to complete them, but the rewards are also better. Milestone rewards give various prizes. For completing 6, 12, 16, and 20 challenges, players get Ophidian armor set pieces. The wings from this set are acquired for 24 challenges. Pieces from the Lord variant of this set are obtained for 28, 31, 34, and 36 challenges. The wings come at 38 challenges. Pieces from the Sentinel totem pole hideout decoration are obtained after completing the 19th challenge.

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