What You Need To Know About The New POE Royale Mode

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POE Royale is a game mode that is part of the Expedition expansion. If you have been playing the game since 2018, you might remember that POE Royale was first introduced as an April Fool event. It's not the first time in the history of gaming when an April Fool's prank becomes a game addition. The new Royale retains some of the features of the original event.


POE Royale Brings a New PvP Weekend Challenge


POE Royale is a weekend event available for the duration of the Expedition expansion. Here is the structure of a Royale game. You will need a level one character to take part in it. The rounds are quick, lasting around 15 minutes. To join, you must go to the character selection menu and check out the Events list. You will then have to press the Join button and select your class. Players don't need to actually create new characters when they join a round. The level and the acquired items will reset so you will start fresh every time. Royale Island is the starting point of the game. The match starts when enough players have gathered. POE Royale has its own passive skill tree that is different from the normal one. It's somewhat simplified to suit quick PvP games. Class start positions have been removed from the tree. When playing the Royale mode, the starting location is not determined by the character's class. Players can spend points from any of the nine beginning locations. The six outer branches have different themes based on skills and damage types. The central skills give defensive attributes. The Royale tree is smaller than the normal tree. Players get two points when they level up. The points are spent when you click a skill and you cannot take your points back. All players start with some flasks and weapons. Skill gems and better equipment will be acquired as the game progresses. The starting location is a beach where you will find items and monsters to kill for XP. While you will get a few levels from killing monsters, don't forget that PvP is the name of the game and you get more XP from killing players. Just keep in mind that POE Royale has no respawn mechanic. When you die, it's game over but you can still watch the match in spectator mode. This mode has a sudden death mechanic so PvP is unavoidable. The last player alive wins the round.

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