What's New In POE Patch 3.18.1

created time2022-07-04 14:10:00

Buy CHAOS ORB from P0E and we guarantee the best prices and safest deliveries! POE delivers content at an incredible pace. One cannot complain about the lack of activities. Unfortunately, where there's content, there are also issues. The good news is that the developers are doing a great job keeping an eye on things and fixing bugs. Patch 3.18.1 doesn't add new features. It focuses on making the game better. It has some general improvements and bug fixes. P0E is also committed to making your game better by offering POE currency to players in need.


POE Patch 3.18.1 Updates and Fixes

Let's check out the updates and changes first. When players repeat certain skills with mods such as Echoing Shrine, the behavior will be different. Leap Slam, for example, repeats the attack in the same direction. This is the case with Flame Dash as well. If players use a travel skill when they have the Thorned Vines debuff, they will no longer lose 10% HP and energy shield as chaos damage. When the Magma Barrier mod affects mobs, they will spawn fire volatiles only if the player is 70 units close to them. Legion mobs that are frozen will not receive empowerment from sentinels anymore. The Molten Minotaur does 25% less damage with the slam attack. The rare mobs packs that have the Heralding Minion mod will not spawn more than five totems. Some of the skill and item descriptions have been updated to make their usage clearer. The Wrath of Cosmos debuff now shows how many stacks players have in an area. The Sentinel Locker is now among the decorations for the guild hideout. POE Patch 3.18.1 also comes with bug fixes. The bug that caused breach mobs to appear with the same mob mod visual was fixed. Another visual bug made the Magnetic Beam from The Unbreakable to still appear. The recipes from vendors that worked with magic weapons that have more elemental damage through mods will now work as they should with bows. The Atziri's Apparition will now utilize its skills in Vaal Rituals. The Summoned Holy Relic will not become invisible anymore when it levels up and when you enter a new zone. The Options menu will close when the players press O. The Minotaur weapon effect cosmetic was fixed. The Heist Locker filter was fixed as well. Issues that triggered client crashes were resolved.

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