PoE Powerful Armours for Robust Protection

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PoE has loads of different Unique Body Armour to cater for your character’s overall gear combinations and item builds, with today’s list emphasizing more on those that exhibit incredible defensive protection for Strength-based players.




PoE’s massive world is filled to the brim with unimaginable horrors and nightmarish creatures keen on taking a bite out of your flesh.


With danger all over the place, it is only fitting that you are equipped with the best gear possible for you to survive the countless challenges that are thrown at you from every angle.


For Strength-based players, the choice of your Body Armour plays an important role in keeping you safe, with today’s list focusing on the first few that you could come across early on throughout your playthroughs.

Let’s take a look at all of the Unique Body Armours that are available for you to utilize in order for you to complement your Strength builds in the game:




· Bramblejack (Requirements: Level 1, Strength 12)

o Armour Rating: 22

o Adds 2 to 4 to Physical Damage to Attacks

o Adds 12 to 20 to Maximum Life

o -2 Physical Damage Taken from Physical Hits

o 40% Melee Physical Damage Taken reflected to Attackers


· Solaris Lorica (Requirements: Level 17, Strength 53)

o Armour Rating: 316 - 352

o Adds 10 to 20 Strength

o Adds 60% to 80% Extra Armour

o 25% Reduced Chaos Damage Taken over Time

o 25% Increased Light Radius

o Chaos Damage does not penetrate Energy Shield

o -40 to -30 Chaos Damage Taken


· Greed’s Embrace (Requirements: Level 56, Strength 106)

o Armour Rating: 670

o 10% to 15% Increased Quantity of Items found

o 30% to 50% Increased Rarity of Items found

o -10% to Fire Resistance

o +20% to +30% to Cold Resistance

o -20% to Lightning Resistance

o 20% Reduced Movement Speed

o 30% Reduced Strength Requirement


· Kaom’s Heart (Requirements: Level 68, Strength 191)

o Armour Rating: 931

o Has no Empty Sockets

o 20% to 40% Increased Fire Damage

o +500 Maximum Life


· Perfidy (Requirements: Level 68, Strength 191)

o Armour Rating: 931

o 25% to 40% Increased Melee Damage

o +60 to +90 Maximum Life

o Able to equip two (2) Banners at once

o Banners gain 1 Stage upon dealing Melee Hits, up to five (5) per second

o War Banner has 100% to 200% Increased Adrenaline duration

o Dread Banner has 100% to 200% Increased Fortify duration


These five (5) are amongst the many Unique Body Armours that are fitting to be used by Strength mains in PoE, with another list coming up to continue with others available in the game.


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