PoE Possible Changes for Update 3161

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PoE has been going through some rough phases after the implementation of Scourge League, and a new game update has been previewed to bring along some in-game changes, coming sometime soon – Patch 3.16.1.




Scourge League has been a breath of fresh air for players who have completed Expedition League day-in, day-out.


Still, with its new coming, a plethora of changes had also been brought forth, culminating in the many balance updates and bug fixes that had been introduced into the game so far.


Within the foreseeable future, another patch will be landing in PoE again, with some of the expected changes to come listed below:


Scourge League


· Displayed Maximum Life of Non-Reaper Minions will now be properly affected by modifiers from a Summoned Reaper.

· A 10-second grace period has been added upon visiting the Mine Encampment in the Azurite Mine.

· New 3D art for Atziri’s Acuity.


Bug Fixes


· Wands will no longer work if characters wield Wands and Melee Weapons at the same time.

· The Laboratory map’s Boss is no longer inaccessible if the final lever is used during a Scourge instance.

· Elemental Overload now works properly with Totems, Mines, or Skills like Cremation or Molten Strike.

· Upon dying, the Survival Secrets unique and Profane Chemistry Notable passive will now allow Flasks to gain Charges as intended.

· Upon dying, Necromancer Aegis bonuses from your equipped Shield will properly be given to you instead of your minions.

· Many more!


These are just a small fraction of what might be coming in the future update.


If you are curious to read about the whole list, check it out at PoE’s official forum here.


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