Path of Exile Patch 3.15.2

created time2021-08-20 00:00:00

A major improvement will enable item-level 86 goodies available at the shop of Expedition vendors, with that being said, you can obtain them by grinding out the Expedition league mechanic. Another major improvement is that if Rog provides you with the option to remove modifiers with the lowest modifier level from your project, the project pop-up window will display modifiers that may be removed. Rog will also provide you with an option to destroy your belongings and have a high chance of scrolling through some corrupt inside stories. For example, it is an ideal scenario if you are looking for the best implicit scrolling on a Headhunter belt.



Those who use Instilling Orbs to get the flask enchants they want will be happy to know that GGG will add new crafting table recipes for specific Flash enchants in an upcoming update. Crafting recipes may still need to instill orbs, but because crafting workbench recipes are 100% absolute, you no longer need to worry about wasting a lot of them to get the required Flash enchantments.

The developer will also provide you with a way to remove enchantments from your project through your crafting workbench, it will be available immediately.



Monsters with the Hexfont Nemesis Modifier no longer inflict Silence.

Monsters that cast Curses now have global cooldowns to prevent multiple of the same monster repeatedly cursing players.

Fixed a bug where Implicit attribute modifiers would block Explicit attribute modifiers from rolling on specific basetypes.

Fixed a bug where storing items in the Expedition or Heist Lockers using Affinities would sometimes tell you it failed as the Locker did not have enough space for the item, even though storing them was successful.

Fixed two instance crashes.

Fixed two client crashes.

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