POE: What You Need To Know About The Harvest Crafting Update

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POE Patch 3.14.0 comes in April. It will bring major updates to the Harvest Crafting system. The developers have explained in a quite lengthy blog why they are doing these significant changes. Long story short, the current system is not in line with the POE design philosophy.

Let's see how this feature will look after the patch. There will be five major changes. The first one is about the seeds.

Before the patch

All seeds in a patch gave a craft that corresponded to that seed.

After the patch

You will be getting fewer crafts. The one seed/one craft proportion may occur if you are using high-level seeds.

This is a nerf but some players were overburdened with crafts. You will notice that some of the mods are now missing. The developers decided to remove the ones that had a predictable behavior.

As a consequence, some of the annulment and divine mods are not in the game anymore. The annulment mods that don't remove a mode that doesn't have a certain kind before adding one of that kind remain.

The divine mods that don't have a specific kind remain as well. There's also a change to the craft adding mods. This refers to mods of certain kinds. These mods will work only with non-influenced items. The exception is the existing mod that adds an influenced mod to an item of the same type.

The fourth change is about the Scared Grove access. You will now have 60% more chances of finding a portal to this place on the map.

The Heart of the Grove has been changed into a map fragment. You may obtain it from Harvest bosses of tier 4. It will not spawn as a regular Harvest grove anymore. You can give it to other players. It also removes the unpleasant situation of the encounter beginning when players find themselves in an area that has challenging mods.

The Harvest Atlas passive abilities have been updated so they correspond to the changes. As you can see, all these changes heavily impact Harvest Crafting. The developers are well aware that players will see them as nerfs but they are confident that the community will understand the reasons behind the changes and will be on board with them.

It is all explained in the blog on the website. They also assure players that there are still many reasons to adventure into the grove.

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