POE: What You Need To Know About Crafting

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POE is an action RPG with a complex crafting system that is an integral part of the gameplay. The crafting feature has two components: creation and upgrade. Players can create new items and upgrade them. Several ways allow players to create and upgrade items. They can use orbs, currency, recipes, benches, and NPCs that are known as masters.


POE Crafting Techniques


Players need currency to craft items. It's important to know the costs of crafting. In some cases, it's better to just buy an item than spend the resources to craft it. POE crafting involves several techniques. Each technique has an element of randomness. New players are better off buying items such as equipment and armors than creating them. Most players wait until they can get their hands on higher-level items before doing the modifications themselves. Even with the random element, crafting is a highly profitable game activity. You can use the item yourself or sell it for profit. The game has a feature called Mirrors of Kalandra that allows others to copy the item they've crafted. Each time a player copies the item, the owner gets a fee. Some items can only be obtained through crafting. Players must know what crafting technique to use. Each technique requires a certain number of orbs. The rarity of the crafted items also depends on the used crafted technique. Basic techniques allow players to upgrade a normal item to magic or rare quality. These techniques are cheap compared to others, however, the customization options are limited. 

The basic techniques require just one orb. Players use orbs of transmutation, chance, or alchemy to transform white items into better quality items. Advanced crafting techniques allow players to add modifiers separately to their items. This technique is used because you can only add the modifications you want. The disadvantage is that you will spend many resources. The advice is to carefully choose the item you want to modify in this way. This technique is normally used with high-level items. The crafting bench is used to create specific modifications. The bench is in your hideout. The recipes for the modifiers are found all over the game. Some stats are more expensive to obtain than others. For example, life and resistance are among the cheap attributes. Corruption is a special modification technique. It improves the item but, in the process, features such as attributes or sockets may be lost. A corrupted item cannot be modified anymore.

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