POE: Welcoming the Ultimatum

created time2021-04-15 00:00:00

The hugely popular Diablo-esque PC game, POE (POE) will be welcoming players back into the world of Wraeclast again, with greater challenges and obstacles to overcome in its newest league entry, Ultimatum.


With the release of Ultimatum, you will encounter the Trialmaster, a messenger of the old God of Chaos.


The Trialmaster will become your main liaison to duke it out against different waves of powerful and menacing horrors, all of which to accomplish the feat of unlocking immensely rare rewards.


But this is no ordinary blood fest scenario.


For each successful round you clear, the elusive Trialmaster will offer you chances to unlock even more exclusive items.


The catch – you lose all the rewards which you gained previously if you die during the present wave round.


This mechanic will allow players to decide for themselves on whether the ultimate rewards are worth the risks taken.


After each successive round cleared, the enemies will undoubtedly become tougher, more ruthless, and your abilities may even become restricted at times to create the all-or-nothing element of the Ultimatum experience.


Is that all, for the brand new Ultimatum League?


Not quite!


Hardened veterans of POE can look towards the now massive Atlas of Worlds game mode, with which unique in-game key items can now be found randomly throughout your journeys.


The chances to obtain one should be extraordinarily slim though, as the item will allow you to challenge EVEN HARDER arena fights from the Trialmaster, usually a single round wave including a tough-as-nails Boss fight at the end.


These special key item challenges will require you to wager in an item of significant value first, where you will gain items double the worth of the original item itself if you succeed, or face losing it altogether if you fail the challenges miserably.


Furthermore, massive gameplay overhauls and tweaks have also been implemented, especially when it comes to the loot drops and equipment strats.


In addition to all these, other features are being added into the game expansion too:


· Four (4) new skills:

o Corrupting Fever

o Exsanguinate

o Reap

o Petrified Blood


· Four (4) new support gems:

o Arrogance

o Lifetap

o Bloodthirst

o Cruelty


· Vaal skill gem upgrades

· Many more unannounced!


If you’ve been away from the game for quite some time now, today may just be the day with which you come back, sharpening those mouse-and-keyboard skills for the foreboding in-game deaths awaiting you on 16th April.


The POE: Ultimatum expansion is a free update for all players of the game, so you can look forward to it releasing soon within the next few days.


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