POE: The story so far

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Let’s get started with the game’s lore. The game starts with the creation of a character like in most RPGs. There are five classes to choose from, namely Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Scion, Shadow, Templar and Witch. Whatever choice you make, the character you created, known as “Exile” wakes up on the shores of Wraeclast, a penal colony where he was sent by High Templar Dominus for a crime that depends on the class the player choose. After spending some time in Wraeclast, the player discovers that High Templar Dominus and his assistant Piety are responsible for the problems that the inhabitants of the colony are experiencing. After defeating Dominus and Piety, the player discovers a new threat called the Beast and manages to save Wraeclast.

After returning to Oriath where he was exiled from, Exile discovers a new enemy in the person of the new High Templar Avarius who has been abusing his divine powers. Avarius enslaved an entire race called the Karui, which leads to their rebellion. The Exile manages to defeat and kill Avarius and discovers that by destroying the Beast he caused the awakening of the old gods. The Karui god Kitava is one of the god who were awakened and his powers allow them to become more powerful. The Exile then discovers that the Beast was a creation of Sin, the brother of the Templar god Innocence and is needed to defeat Kitava and free Oriath.

Once again, the Exile has to go back to Wraeclast in order to extract the essence of the Beast. While there, Exile has to fight several gods and manages to complete his mission. Upon returning to Oriath, Exile discovers that Innocence is back and has had a change of earth and is now willing to help destroy Kitava. In a desperate mission, Sin and Innocence combine their powers with those of Exile and travel to Kitava’s lair in order to fight him.

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