POE: The Ultimatum Expansion Introduces Lots Of New Content

created time2021-04-22 00:00:00

POE just got a new expansion on April 16th. It's called Ultimatum and it comes with new features, updates, and changes. We have new gems. Some of the older ones have been removed.


New Skill Gems in POE Ultimatum


Several new skill gems are available. Reap does physical damage and applies a DOT to the enemies in a selected area. Should any survive, the player gets a blood charge that increases the skill's DPS and cost. Exsanguinate does physical damage to the enemies in front of the player. It also applies a DOT that can stack three times. Petrified Blood is a buff that activates when the player's HP reaches a certain value. 

The buff will mitigate some damage and make the remaining damage to be drained over time. Corrupting Fever uses the player's HP as a resource to put a DOT on the enemies. Players can refresh the DOT before it expires. Bloodthirst enables attack skills to deal physical damage with weapons. Cruelty boosts the damage of damaging support skills by up to 50%. Arrogance makes reservation skills use life instead of mana. Lifetap allows players to use life instead of mana for skills. Blood Magic Support is no longer in the game.


POE Ultimatum Updates


The game now has 13 more unique items. Fourteen new Divination Cards are also part of the game. These have been created by the supporters. Ritual has received an update. It is now part of the core game. Altars can be found on maps. There is an 8% chance for each map to have altars. If the map is opened with a blood vessel the splinters are not part of the rewards from the encounters. The Haewark Hamlet now has four passive nodes. They will give bonuses to the encounters. 

More bonuses for the encounters are received from the watch stone modifiers. The Vaal Reliquary Key is a very rare drop. Use this key in the map device and you will unlock a vault that has a chest. Inside the chest, you will find a special version of a Vaal item. Veiled Chaos Orbs are a new type of currency. They are used like the Chaos Orbs to reforge rare items but they will give a veiled modifier. You can get these as a rare drop and from Betrayal encounters. New league rewards and five Sextant modifiers have been introduced in the game.

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