POE: The Best Skills to Get Out of Trouble (Part 1)

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In POE, combat during the end-game can be relentless, brutal and chaotic at the same time.


As per the nature of the game (ARPG), most times you will be depending on health flasks to constantly keep your life pool in check, spamming the associated key repeatedly throughout combat.


Still, if you are looking for other ways to avoid yourself getting hacked to death by oncoming waves of monstrosities (especially if you are running out of flasks to use), here are some great examples of in-game skills which might just save those precious life potions for you to use during emergencies later.


1. Dash

o Cost: 4-16 Mana

o Cooldown: 2 seconds

o Cast Time: 0.15 seconds

o Level Requirement: 4


· An effective way of getting yourself out of trouble, Dash is essentially several ‘quick-jumps’ that your character makes within a short amount of time.


· The skill does no damage to opposing enemies, but its relatively low use of mana and short cooldown ensures its practicality of use throughout many of the game’s constant deathly combat scenarios.


· One more important thing to note: it is obtainable very early in the game!


2. Cyclone (Channelling)

o Cost: 2 Mana (per second)

o Cast Time: 1 second

o Level Requirement: 28

o Attack Speed: 300%


· As the name suggests, Cyclone is a type of attack which makes your character spin around at speeds to both damage and become impervious to harm at the same time.


· Although this may sound great on paper, the skill is a channelling ability which drains your mana continuously while active, requiring you to be conscious of its use to spare some mana for other skill uses too.


· The skill will also slow down your character’s movement speed, essentially keeping you safe from attacks but susceptible to subsequent ones if you are still swarmed once the skill is cancelled out (either by you or mana depletion).


3. Blink Arrow

o Cost: 14-20 Mana

o Cooldown: 3 seconds

o Cast Time: 1 second

o Level Requirement: 10


· If you are a bow-and-arrow player, Blink Arrow provides the perfect incentive to create some much needed space between you and your enemies, while also producing a minion of your character in their place too (providing extra attacking support for a short time).


· This skill is very useful for certain builds (Rangers, Pathfinders, etc.) but is susceptible to stun attacks and other elemental debuffs (freeze, etc.) which may cancel out the skill.


· Its low level requirement is also another added benefit for you to consider this skill early on for certain character classes in the game.


4. Charged Dash (Channeling)

o Cost: 4 Mana (per second)

o Cast Time: 1 second

o Level Requirement: 28

o Attack Speed: 160%


· Another channelling skill, Charged Dash requires you to hold to cursor as the point-of-direction for your character to move towards, using the skill.


· As the character dashes following the cursor, any enemy struck behind their electrified paths receives quantified damage similar to the character’s base damage multiplied by its increased attack speed.


· The level requirement is still quite high though, so prepare to use other skills to compensate first in the early game.


5. Flame Dash

o Cost: 8-23 Mana

o Cooldown: 3 seconds

o Cast Time: 0.70 second

o Critical Strike Chance: 6%

o Level Requirement: 10


· A lovely skill to master, Flame Dash leaves your enemies burning behind your wake by teleporting you to a short distance away (based on your chosen location), leaving behind a trail of fire.


· Although the skill requires a bit amount of mana to use, it is compensated by a slight critical chance to damage burned enemies further, while also capable of being used three (3) consecutive times before entering cooldown.


· The level requirement is also quite low, maintaining its allure for beginning characters.


By mastering any of these skills early on in POE, you can be confident that fighting mobs of angry monsters will no longer be a fright for your lonely hero.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this awesome tips list, coming relatively soon!


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