POE: Patch 3.14.1 Improvements

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Officially launched in mid-April 2021, POE’s Ultimatum expansion was already in a great gameplay state for players to spend countless hours fighting mobs of endless monsters in the game.


Although not everything was smooth-sailing during launch day (long queue waits, streamer bias, etc), it is hoped that POE’s fan base has now steadied itself after a few weeks of game time, to continue exploring whatever trials the new NPC, Trialmaster has to offer.


Now, it would seem that POE will receive another content patch striving to improve in-game players’ experiences while accepting the never ending challenges of the Vaal – especially in solving potential bugs and glitches introduced with the Ultimatum game expansion.


In Patch 3.14.1, you will find some very interesting balancing tweaks and much-needed bug fixes coming with the newest update:


PATCH 3.14.1


‘Ultimatum’ Changes

· Stand in the Stone Circle” Ultimatum will now have larger circles

· In “Stand in the Stone Circle”, experience and loot rewards have been tweaked accordingly to reflect the Ultimatum difficulty levels

· Number of rare monster spawns have been capped per wave

· Fixed a bug where monsters would still appear after a cleared Ultimatum challenge

· Many others!


General Changes

· Improved cursor targeting of monsters for the skill ‘Reap

· Character bio will now correctly display the “Immune to Chaos Damage” status if you have the Chaos Inoculation passive skill active

·  Reflected damages from Konu, Maker of Wind’s skill, Molten Shell will now deal 33% less damage while also having a 1-second cooldown period

· Description updates for the ‘Snow Cloak’ buff, ‘Fanaticism’ skill, and ‘Luminous Trove’ and ‘A Modest Request’ divination cards

· Multitudes of bug and glitch fixes!


Crash fixes

· Solved a crash issue which occurs by unveiling items

· Solve a game-instance crash


POE: Ultimatum is now available for all players of the game, so be sure to check out the latest tribulations waiting for you in the world of Wraeclast today!

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