POE: How To Get ExileCon Merchandise

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POE held its first convention, ExileCon, in 2019. The event took place in Auckland and it was a great success. Participants had the chance to interact with the developers, catch up on the game, and take part in fun activities. Special merchandise was made available for the occasion. Items such as Exalted Orb foam balls and the Celestian Cat socks were some of the most popular. Fans acquired unique t-shirts and more. The audience nearly emptied the merchandise stockpile. We say nearly because some items are still in stock. Leftover POE ExileCon merchandise is now available for purchase.


Don't Miss Unique POE ExileCon Merchandise


The people behind the game came up with a plan that allows fans to get exclusive gear. Instead of making the items available individually, the items are bundled in Mystery Bags. When you purchase a mystery bag, you can opt for a certain t-shirt size. The contents are unknown until you open it but we have some info about what's included in the bag. Each bag will have at least two different t-shirts and a plush toy. You are guaranteed to get three items. The other items are randomized. The cost of a bag is $100. The shipping is not included and extra fees might apply. The random items found in a bag up its value to $100. This means that all bags have merchandise costing the same money. Merchandise from other promos is not included in the bags. They exclusively have ExileCon items. The team opted for this randomized approach because they wanted to give everyone a fair chance to get the most popular goodies. As one would expect, very few of the most popular items are still available. Those would be sold out instantly. If you are interested in acquiring a POE ExileCon bag, you need to send an email with your address and shirt size. You will then receive a payment link. The payment needs to be done in less than 24 hours to secure your order. A queue might form and if you don't pay within a day, the next person in the queue gets the opportunity to get the bag. For now, only one bag per customer is allowed. Depending on the level of interest, this limit might be reset. Check out the official POE website for more info about the items included in the bags.

If you haven’t tried POE out, now’s the best time to jump in on the fun!  If you are enjoying POE, remember you can buy POE orbs in p0e.com.

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