POE: Get Your Ritual Supporter Packs Before It's Too Late

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The preparations for the new POE expansion have already started. The 3.15 reveal should come soon. We have confirmation that the announcement should drop in the next few weeks. When that happens, the players will be able to buy new League Supporter packs. This means that the current packs will not be available for purchase anymore.


POE Ritual Supporter Packs Are Leaving the Store Soon


At the moment, players can get two sets of POE Ritual Supporter packs. We have Renegade and Faithsworn. Each set of packs has unique contents. Players can opt for the pack they like more but, if they cannot make a decision, they can also buy both. The good news is that packs can be upgraded too. Those who have acquired the smaller pack can upgrade it to the bigger one. The Supporter packs have exclusive items. You won't find these cosmetics in the store. When a Supporter pack is retired, the cosmetics aren't available anymore. Each set contains two packs. The normal pack costs $30 and the special one costs $60. The basic Renegade pack has a pet, forum title, portrait frame, additional soundtrack, and 250 points. The special pack has 550 coins, an armor pack, and all the items in the normal pack. The Faithsworn pack has a portal effect instead of a pet. Hurry up and get the pack of your choice as they won't be in the store for long. You can also reserve a pack. What you need to do is to send an email to the support team. They will set up a payment plan that reserves a pack for three months. You can do that now to secure your Ritual packs before they are replaced. We've said earlier that you can upgrade basic packs to special ones. Those who have acquired points starting with January 6th, 2021 can use these points to upgrade their packs. Players can pay up to 80% of the upgrade cost using points. If you are looking for more POE unique items make sure to check out the ExileCon merchandise. The convention was held last year and it was a success. Those who didn't get the chance to grab merchandise or couldn't attend the event, have a second opportunity to get ExileCon items. The leftover items are packed in mystery bags so you won't know for sure what items you will get. However, the types of items that are found in the bags are known in advance.

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