POE: Are You Enjoying The Ultimatum Expansion

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POE Ultimatum is the latest expansion that introduces many new features and the Trialmaster character. It is a Vaal being and it's looking for those brave adventurers who can overcome difficult tasks. The Trialmaster will give players a challenge, the associated reward, and three difficulty options. As players complete a task, they can take their reward and end the activity or continue to the next challenge. However, the reward is at stake. Should players fail the challenge, they lose the initial reward as well. The endgame features Inscribed Ultimatums. They tell you what offering players must have when they enter the domain of the Trialmaster. If they complete the challenge, they will get great rewards that can also be traded with other players. So, if you don't like or need the reward, you can swap it for another. Some of the items that are obtained as rewards from playing POE Ultimatum are Vaal-themed. They are unique items that cannot be obtained from other game activity.


POE Ultimatum Multiplayer


Ultimatum is meant to be played with other players. Each participant gets an individual reward. When it comes to choosing the difficulty option, each player has a say thanks to a voting feature. Members can also choose if they want to risk the reward for a new challenge or end the trial. The expansion comes with new currency items. Players will obtain orbs of binding and veiled chaos orbs as drops. The game has five new atlas base types. These are found as drops in the Atlas of Worlds. The Ultimatum expansion revamps final act bosses by making them more profitable to farm. Their loot table has been expanded and the items they drop are better. The league has some unique exclusive drops such as the Badge of the Brotherhood. The vendors have six secret recipes. Vaal Reliquary Keys are general drops that can be obtained from anywhere. These items are used to open portals where players can find special Vaal-themed items. The Atziri Sacrificial Garb includes two now item rewards. Players can check out the Labyrinth enchantments they obtain before putting them on the items. The Eternal Labyrinth has three helmet enchantment options. The rewards from the fastest daily Labyrinth run are now obtained as drops when completing this activity. Two new unique Labyrinth items are available. The map device accepts offerings to the goddess to open a random trial.

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