POE: A Templar’s Might (Player Tips)

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In POE, you are able to choose from seven (7) different vocation classes with each catering to your preferred builds and playstyles.


If you are known to be the guardian of your party, attacking enemies on the frontlines while being able to cast supporting buffs to maximize offensive and defensive capabilities of you and your allies, then becoming a Templar is the right path for you in the world of Wraeclast.


However, as with all the other classes in POE, you are spoiled with limitless options of builds and skill trees to experiment with, with some leading to unfulfilled potential if not done correctly.


Here are some very good tips for you to consider before opting for the Templar class:


1. Bolster those defences


· The Templar class has plenty of passive skills which allow the character to withstand both physical damages and magical damages from enemies effectively in the world.


· It is worth spending points under ‘Sanctity’ early on, before moving to complete the ‘Retribution’ tree afterwards to create the perfect foundation (offensively and defensively) before deciding on which branch of skill tree you would like to focus on later.


2. Don’t neglect Sceptres


· Although Templars are able to wield one-handed and two-handed conventional weapons too, sceptres are still very much a viable option for you to consider, especially if you have allotted skill points towards elemental damages and critical hit chances.


· To top it all off, you are able to dish out both raw and elemental damages to enemies while also holding on to a shield on the other free hand to improve on your personal defences as well.


3. Wands for use


· There will also be instances where a ranged weapon can definitely benefit you more than close combat, so wands are the way to go here.


· Although very much limited in physical damage power, they hold high critical hit chances and spell modifiers for you to crank out those hidden powerful spells under your arsenal.




· Never forget that Templars are not only proficient fighters on the battlefield, but also highly skilled in magical combat and spell-casting too!


· Use this to your advantage by slotting in destructive magical Skill Gems for you to obliterate enemies at will.


5. Your ideal role as ‘The Protector’ – or ‘Executioner’


· Ideally, Templars are natural defenders of a group of players, soaking in countless damages from enemies while protecting other damage-dealing teammate within a group.


· However, you are also able to tune those skill points and equipment towards becoming a vengeful slayer of monsters too, by focusing your skill tree towards ‘Amplify’ and ‘Light of Divinity’ while also putting in Skill Gems which increases those spell damage and penetration counters.


· Beat the trend by becoming a high Damage-per-Second (DPS) Templar instead!


6. Elemental master


· Unlike Marauders and Duelists, Templars are also very proficient with the mastery of the elements, making them even more dangerous than the normal classes too.


· Besides increasing your characters overall stats, skill points and equipment changes, have some elemental Skill Gems of Fire, Lightning and Ice around for you to use during different circumstances in the game.


Becoming a Templar is not as easy as it might seem, especially considering the plethora of options for you to choose from to develop your in-game character in the beginning.


By having a clear roadmap of your character’s potential build, this will certainly make a huge difference when you finally reach the end-game part of POE, much later on.


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