POE Zizaran Class Gauntlet Returns

created time2021-09-17 00:00:00

POEFun is a long-time provider of POE currency at fantastic prices. The Zizaran Class Gauntlet Event is in full swing. This time, the organizers are teaming up with the Shopify Rebellion esports team to bring even more prizes. 

Speaking of prizes, Grinding Gear Games will provide some of those as well. If you are looking for cheap POE currency, don't forget to visit POE Fun. Zizaran is a well-known member of the POE community. He has been organizing these Class Gauntlet events that anyone can join. This community-driven event is getting bigger and better with each edition. For this edition, Shopify Rebellion will match the fund-raised cash prize up to $25,000. They are also adding MTX prizes worth $7,500 to the pool.


What You Need To Know About Zizaran's Class Gauntlet Event


If you have participated or followed previous editions, you will find the event familiar. Should you need POE currency to help you with the game, you can buy it from POE Fun. It's very easy to join the event. The race is an event league so anyone who is playing POE can access it. All you have to do is to use the Join button. This button will be active on the day when the event is running. The button is located in the bottom left corner of the character select screen. The main idea behind this race event is to accumulate points. The participants obtain points when they level characters and defeat bosses. It's called a Class Gauntlet event because classes will compete to see which one is better at completing some of the most challenging POE content. The event is a hardcore solo event league. It features various life and damage mods. During the event, participants will have a harder time killing mobs as these have increased HP and speed. Monsters deal more damage and have additional projectiles. To make things even more challenging, players have reduced resistances. Players who reach certain levels become eligible to enter a draw with physical prizes. These rewards include a $3,000 custom PC for level 90, one Gauntlet GPU backplate for level 80, a keyboard and mouse pad bundle for level 70, $200 food delivery gift cards for level 60, and Gauntlet t-shirts for level 50. POE Zizaran's Class Gauntlet event starts on September 11th and runs for 10 days until September 21st.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account