POE Scourge Supporter Packs No Longer Available After May 5th

created time2022-05-23 17:15:00

P0E is the place that has cheap POE currency for sale and fast deliveries! You've probably heard by now that the new PoE expansion will be here on May 13th. It's called Sentinel. Those who are interested in finding out more about it should tune into the live stream event on May 5th. During the event, the Scourge packs will be retired. Two new Supporter Packs will become available. Don't forget to check out P0E for the best POE currency price!


PoE Scourge Supporter Packs Leaving the Store Soon


As new packs make their way onto the store, the old ones will retire. The Scourge packs become unavailable. Only a few days remain, so hurry up if you still want to buy them. Alternatively, you can use the reservation system to secure a pack for up to three months. To be able to do this, you must have a payment plan. The PoE support team will guide you along the way. They will tell you all there is to know about this system. This method helps those who cannot buy the packs until the time runs out. Two types of Scourge packs can still be acquired. We have the Liege and Dread packs. Each one has a unique style. The contents differ as well. Players also have the option to upgrade their packs. If you have a smaller pack, you can upgrade it to a bigger one. The items that are part of the Supporter packs cannot be obtained through other means. You can not buy them from the store. Players that have bought plain points packs after October 13th, 2021 can use them to upgrade Scourge packs. Up to 80% of the pack value can be paid with points. Players will get what remains from the content of the pack. The points they've already bought make an exception. Console players can get the new packs when the Sentinel expansion launches on consoles. We remind you that the Liege supporter pack comes with 900 points, a social frame, weapon skin, armor set, portal effect, shield skin, and helmet attachment. The Dread pack has the same type of items with the cosmetics featuring the Dread theme. If you want a free cosmetic, make sure to watch the Sentinel reveal event on May 5th. The Rapture Wings will be available during the stream as a Twitch Drop.

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