POE Expedition Challenge League

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POE Expedition has launched. It's a new expansion that comes with new content including POE items, a new game mode, and a challenge league. The expansion launched with Patch 3.15.0. Let's see how the challenge league will work in this new expansion.


What You Need to Know About The POE Expedition Challenge League


The POE Expedition Challenge League gives players the chance to start fresh. They can participate in the new activities and acquire new items and POE currency. This particular challenge league requires players to team up with Kalguuran merchants and help them retrieve powerful items. You will check out your map for expedition sites. This is where you will find treasures. Explosives are your best friend when it comes to getting them. The trouble is that you will have to first defeat the undeads that guard the precious items. Take your findings to the Kalguuran traders and see what you can obtain for them. There are four traders. Each one has a certain specialization such as gambling, exchanging, bartering, or dealing. Logbooks are other items that can be found. These are crafted items that can also be traded. These logbooks hide the location of an expedition site. Only the leader of the Kalguur people can use them and open up a way for you to reach them. Logbook expeditions are more challenging than normal ones. You will need more explosives and you will also fight against more enemies. Players must be careful as not all expeditions can be successful. Read the expedition signs to see what you have to deal with. Some areas are more dangerous than others. As you can imagine, the rewards are better. You will get chaos orbs and many other valuables. POE Expedition introduces standard, hardcore, and solo self Expedition challenge leagues. These versions work in the same way and have the same items. Players can also make them into private leagues. If you want to make them harder, you can use mods. The POE Expedition Challenge League includes 40 new challenges. Players will receive rewards based on how many challenges they complete. Expedition footprints are acquired when completing 12 challenges. For 24 challenges, you get this expansion's weapon effect. The portal effect is the reward for 36 challenges. There is no other way to get these cosmetics. But you can buy POE currency from ! Every third completed challenge after the 19th challenge gives you hideout decorations.


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