POE Battle Royale with a Twist

created time2021-08-06 00:00:00

Hail, fellow Exiles!


With the recent release of the latest expansion, Expedition, POE has certainly been geared for a different experience for the next few months at the very least.


Following the introduction of the new Expedition expansion, a surprise new mode was also launched concurrently with the latest POE narrative this time around.


Remember POE’s Battle Royale test during April Fools three years ago (2018)?


Well, the fun mode looks set to stay together with Expedition for the next few months, openly available for players to join in during the weekends!


Dubbed POE: Royale, you will be dropped into an island where you basically start off as a ‘Level 1’ character, stripped from any weapons, skill gems, and armour respectively.


It is now your duty to scavenge for the items and equipment, while also surviving other players’ attacks until you become the last man standing on the island.


Periodically, the safe zone on the map will also shrink too, forcing you to eventually move inland while meeting other players headlong into combat.


This brand new mode provides a fresh new outlook towards POE, where the usual PvE and PvP aspects are already starting to wear down their allure throughout the years.


Players wanted something new and exciting, so what better way to do that than have a free-for-all survival component added into the game!


To note, here are a few noticeable changes which were made to accommodate POE: Royale:


· Skill Tree

o A streamlined Skill Tree is introduced specifically for POE, due to the adjusted map size and balancing aspects of the game mode in question.


· Player count

o Up to a maximum of one hundred (100) concurrent players will be able to join in on one Royale session, leading to plenty of bloodbaths!


· Flasks mechanic

o Flask Stations will be located around the map, letting you refill your flasks if required.


· Gems

o Skill Gems and Support Gems are tweaked and scaled down to better suit the nature of the Royale gaming session more appropriately.


There are undoubtedly more things that you can expect coming from POE: Royale, but you will have to play the game to experience it for yourself now, don’t you think?


Come join your fellow Exiles on Royale island today!  If you want more POE orb and information, go and check out p0e

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