POE Preparations For Patch 3.15 Have Started

created time2021-07-16 00:00:00

POE is getting ready for the next expansion. It will come with Patch 3.15 but we are not quite there yet. The team has released a teaser showing some gameplay. The big reveal event will follow on July 15th. Developers are hard at work. In preparation for the new expansion, POE Patch 3.14.3 was deployed on live servers. It's a technical update that comes with engine improvements and some bug fixes.


POE Patch 3.14.3 Prepares The Game For The Next Expansion

The patch updates the performance metrics graph. Players will now have access to more information. Several metrics that are on the same graph now have more graphs and bars. These new elements show the game's load on computer components such as the processor, graphics card, disk drives, and memory. They also show latency and the instance server. Players can use this information to identify potential bottlenecks. If you see a maxed out bar, that means that the associate component is producing a bottleneck. The new system will also display notifications for issues such as insufficient VRAM. Players are also encouraged to report these issues to the support team. They can make a video with the performance graphics and send it to the team. Should players encounter issues such as shader loading or saving being too slow, they can amend the problem by changing the storage driver. This can be done by accessing the General section in the Settings file. You can change the path to point to a faster drive. Players can still use the F1 key to see the three performance metric states. We have latency-only, hidden, and performance. The Options panel has a new tab called Gameplay. The button for clearing the local cache in the Options panel has been removed. This option is now available as an advanced command. Each time a new league launches, the cache is automatically cleared. POE Patch 3.14.3 removes the 32-bit client. If you are using Vulkan with less than 2600 VRAM MB, you can no longer set the texture to high quality because the amount of VRAM is insufficient. Those on DirectX can still use this setting at the expense of performance. POE Patch 3.14.3 also takes care of a few bugs. Tutorial notifications will now correctly display on Apple computers. The Celestial Toxic Rain bug that triggered flickering white boxes was fixed. The game is now more stable.

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