POE:The Best Skills to Get Out of Trouble

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POE (POE) is renowned for its heart-pounding hack-and-slash action sequences (in this case, mouse clicks) which pit you against countless numbers of monsters and demons on the screen, similar to the success of Diablo-series games.


Moving on from a previous mini-guide of the same nature, “The Best Skills to Get Out of Trouble (Part 1)”, here are some other great recommended skills for you to consider prepping your characters with, to survive the unrelenting harshness of the world of Wraeclast:


1. Leap Slam


o Cost: 10 Mana

o Radius: 15

o Cast Time: 1.40 seconds

o Level Requirement: 10


· A combination of Physical attack and cheap ‘dodge’ mechanic, Leap Slam allows you to attack a group of enemies within a certain invulnerability frame, stunning most enemy types in the process.


· Handily, Leap Slam can also be used to cross gaps or blocked terrain, in the game.


2. Flicker Strike


o Cost: 10 Mana

o Cooldown: 2.00 seconds

o Cast Time: 1.00 second

o Attack Speed: 120%

o Attack Damage: 142% - 168% of base

o Level Requirement: 10


· Flicker Strike is similar to the skill Blink, where in your character ‘teleports’ to a nearby enemy of your choice (or even randomly) to attack in improved speed and ferocity.


· This can be advantageous for you to instantly move out of an incoming attack, or even escape from becoming surrounded.


· If you have items which allow you to reserve Frenzy Charges, your Flicker Strikes can also be stacked multiple times to allow for more ‘jumps’ on different enemies.


· Depending on your character builds and choices, Flicker Strike can certainly benefit some more than others.


3. Lightning Warp


o Cost: 9 - 26 Mana

o Radius: 16

o Cast Time: 0.70 second

o Critical Strike Chance: 5%

o Effectiveness of Added Damage: 60%

o Level Requirement: 10


· Another ‘teleport’ skill which is mainly focused on Intelligence-based characters and builds, Lightning Warp creates two (2) areas of electrified energy (your original position and the new chosen location) to damage enemies while also transferring you to the new designated spot.


· This can also be done multiple times as long as your Mana pool is always available for the execution of each warp.


· Lighting Warp can also be used to overcome terrain limitations or obstacles, similar to Leap Slam earlier.


4. Whirling Blades


o Cost: 10 Mana

o Cast Time: 2.60 seconds

o Level Requirement: 10


· With Whirling Blades, your character dives straight through the enemy ranks, creating a momentary invulnerability frame while also damaging your enemies which were passed through.


· Although the skill does not allow you to traverse blocked terrain, you can definitely get yourself away from enemy Area-of-Effect (AOE) spells during tight situations.


5. Smoked Mine


o Cost: 6 - 13 Mana

o Cast Time: 2.50 seconds

o Maximum Stack: 3 uses

o Cast Time: 0.50 second

o Level Requirement: 10


· This Skill Gem will definitely take some practice to get used to, but if you’re looking to go a bit ‘fancy’, then Smoked Mines is definitely the way to go.


· By placing Smoked Mines around the battlefield, you can teleport to the previous mines on command while releasing blinding smoke clouds to Blind enemies on each released detonation.


· You will also gain a temporary speed buff, while you continue to slice and dice your way around enemies.


Decking out your in-game characters with some of these awesome skills will certainly be worth it, considering the limitless number of hordes and enemies scrambling for you in POE.


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