P0E Ascendant the Ultimate Form Path of the Templar

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Working your way up from a Scion into an Ascendant requires meticulous knowledge about the game, especially of the different Paths that are available for this special Ascendancy class – beginning with Path of the Templar!




The Scion character class is a very unique choice to opt for in P0E, but the rewards make up for it in terms of the diverse character builds that you are able to make at the end of the day.


With the Scion’s Ascendancy class – the Ascendant – capable of learning important skills of other Ascendancy classes, let’s take a look at one of its strongest Paths to date – the Path of the Templar!


Here are the skills which are designated for the Path of the Templar skill tree:




· Strength and Intelligence

o +20 to Strength and Intelligence




· Passive Point

o Gain 1 Passive Point




· Templar Ascendancy (choose one):


o Guardian

§ 25% Reduced Effect of Curses on you

§ Auras from your Skills grant +1% Reduced Physical Damage to you and Allies

§ Every 4 seconds, Regenerate 20% Life over 1 second

§ You and nearby Allies share Power, Frenzy and Endurance Charges with each other

§ If there are at least five nearby Allies around you, all of you have Onslaught


o Inquisitor

§ Damage penetrates 8% of Enemies’ Elemental Elemental Resistances

§ 10% Chance to create Consecrated Ground when you hit a Rare or Unique Enemy, lasting for 8 seconds

§ Effects of Consecrated Ground last for 4 seconds

§ Nearby Enemies take 10% Increased Elemental Damage


o Hierophant

§ 25% Increased Maximum Mana

§ +1 Maximum Number of Summoned Totems

§ 8% Damage is absorbed by Mana before Life

§ 25% Increased Effect of Arcane Surge on you

§ Gain Arcane Surge when you or your Totems hit an Enemy with a  Spell




· Passive Point

o Gain 1 Passive Point




· Path of the Templar

o Can allocate Passive Skills from the Templar’s starting point on its Ascendancy Skill Tree

o Grants 2 Passive Skill Points


Opting for the Path of the Templar makes for a very creative Ascendant build for your in-game character, making for a nigh unstoppable Exile for end-game content!


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