Gameplay Improvements And Royale Updates In Patch 3.15.1

created time2021-08-13 00:00:00

POE Patch 3.15.1 for the Expedition expansion has arrived. It's a hefty patch that includes many changes. It has general gameplay improvements, a myriad of bug fixes, and Royale updates. The Royale updates concern the gameplay, matchmaking, skill and support gems, and the skill tree. The patch also answers some questions regarding various game features. Let's take a look at the gameplay improvements.


POE Patch 3.15.1 General Gameplay and Royale Updates


We will start with the general improvements. The vendors now have recipes that allow players to change instilling orbs into enkindling orbs and the other way around. If players die during the Maven's Memory Game or leave the area while the game is active, the game will not restart when the players enter the area again. When players complete the Heart of the Grove Harvest for the first time, they obtain five more crafting tools. Players must navigate to the Beach Map and capture the Glace boss if they want to obtain the 30% more block and stun recovery bonus that was previously acquired from Otesha. Expeditions will not start in the quarry that often anymore. The scavenger and overseer character effects can now be put together to obtain the midnight pact. Several cosmetic POE items such as the celestial and automaton necro lord boots have been updated. POE Patch 3.15.1 also updates the Royale gameplay. The games will run faster so players will have an easier time with their builds. One issue that was not addressed in this Patch concerns catch-up mechanics in case of players falling behind. The game now has double the number of ramps that lead from the beach to the cliffs. There are more ramps but they are narrower. When a round begins, the players will get a random level one skill gem right next to them. More skill gems can be acquired as usual. The number of rare monsters found on the island has been cut in two. The damage of the monsters that are not on the beach was updated. The majority of them deal less damage with a few dealing more damage. The Royale matchmaking system ensures that games will fill up faster. However, some latency issues might occur. The developers are keeping an eye on this system. It is adjusted depending on the number of Royale players.


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